Friday, July 4, 2008

066: How Cartographer can get you a girlfriend

Shortly before I joined Kamuflasjefylla I went on a heroic run of SL with a bunch of them. At that time the only people I knew were Dave, Tammy and Chiwi, so I had no idea who anyone were. During the run, at one point, the Paladin healer pronounces my characters name wrong on vent and I yelled at him for it. A couple of days later, now a member of the guild, that same Paladin whispers me asking if I want to group up for the dailies. He says something about how since he's a healer it takes him 2 hours to kill a mob while I'm built to melt faces. He hadn't needed to present any reasons, I was brand new in the guild and wanted get to know everyone. The next day we team up for the dailies again.

That was December 2007. It's July 2008, now, and we're planning on moving in together soon.

It's funny how Warcraft brings people together - through partychat, guildchat and especially voice chat we get to know each other and form deep friendships. In my guild alone there's at least 5 couples, of which more than half met through the game.

Many months after that first heroic Shadowlabs, Tom/Emerald/Adagio the Pink Paladin revealed to me that it had been my yelling at him for not saying my chars name right that had piqued his interest in me. Or as he so eloquently put it: "...and I thougth, hey! She sounds hot!" (Meanwhile I was feeling bad that I'd shouted at one of the guilds officers and all. :P) When I joined the guild he used Cartographer to stalk me see where I was located, and upon finding me in Skettis that day he whispered asking for a dailies group. Who knew that this little map addon could get you a girlfriend/boyfriend? They ought to advertise this, in my opinion. I'm certain the amount of downloads would skyrocket.

So there you are, the main reason for my absence lately. I went to visit him in England for two weeks in early June, and in a couple weeks time we're going on a mini-holiday together to visit some friends in Ireland. The other reason is that my guild, Kamuflasjefylla, died and was reborn that same month. Our Prot Paladin transfered to play with a friend in a M'uru guild, and both our solid-attendance, awesome-gear Resto Shamans packed up and went with him. So did Dave, who was gearing up his mage (not banned as it was on a separate account) for Sunwell. In the wake after those four left, we lost a DPS Warrior to rerolling Horde and the breakdown of our raiding capability was a fact.

After a few days of considering our options and being politely declined after approaching our servers second best guild asking about a merge, we allied with a Sunwell guild on another server. They were in roughly the same situation as us and were persuaded to transfer over to Dentarg to join us. In the process we abandoned Kamuflasjefylla and adopted the name of the transfering guild: NES. Supposedly it stands for lots of things, like Never Ever Sleep and Never Ending Story, but it does not under any circumstances stand for Nintendo Entertainment System. I'll always miss the old name and the story behind it, but in the end the name you raid under doesn't really matter much. What does matter is that after some horrible weeks and over a month of not even being able to get proper BT/Hyjal raids up, we're back in Sunwell were we belong.

What does not break you makes you stronger, right?