Wednesday, August 29, 2007

010: Upgrades

Thanks for your input on the previous entry guys. I'll keep the name for now and if someone comes along later with a reasonable request to change it, I will. By the way, the name stems from my guild being overly sweet one day, talking about how they would like a Shadow Priests invaluable services for some instance blah blah, and I retorted 'you just want a mana battery bitch, don't you'.

Still not back in Kara and yes, I will whine about that in every post I make until we are. I'm surprised at how much I miss it, really. The regular 5man instances are no longer a challenge, and though heroics are very much so, they're rather hard to organise when 80% of your guild is usually offline doing homework, working or getting drunk. We've managed a few though, so I'm slowly gathering badges. I'm thinking about getting
Orb of the Soul-Eater, and combine it with Gavel of Unearthed Secrets from Lowwer City rep. It'd boost my damage quite a lot, and neither depends on drops. Considering how fickle instances and Kara are being, I don't think I should rely too much on them :)

Tonight I'm going to ding honored with Wintersaber Trainers and craft my
Frozen Shadoweave Robe finally. Yesterday I got the long awaited 375th skill point in Tailoring, so all I need now are some more primal waters and to scour the AH for a handful of netherweb spider spilk.

Tomorrow will be spent in bed, I think. Feels like I'm coming down with something :/ It's times like these you really wish 'Abolish Disease' worked in real life, too.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

009: What's in a name

By the way, is it a problem that the blog name is Mana Battery Bitch? I'm European and over here nobody reacts to it much, but it struck me that work filters and such might be an issue and that, obviously, not everyone feels the same way. I've noticed the blog name gets censored when linked, and that people adress me as just ManaBattery, hence asking :P

In other news, the guild made a quickie Shattered Halls run (I'm still not Revered and we have a couple new 70s) after BM. You know that hallway with the fires? Guess who died because she stood just a fraction of an inch too close. And guess who then promptly died again when ressed. And then died yet again when ressed a second time! There was much laughter. The flames kept appearing exactly when I'd been ressed, for some reason. Third time was the charm though and I managed to stay alive for the rest of the instance, including when I resisted fear on the last boss -something which I do disturbingly frequently.

Actually, I've been meaning to ask about that... I know there are some
very knowledgable priests around and while not all of you are shadow, you'll at least be able to say whether it happens to you a lot or not. See, I am the Queen of resisting fear. I take aggro of course, since nobody else is around, and end up having to tank until the poor paladin is in control of himself again. This happens very often. I keep saying it's something like 90% but I'm sure it's not, it is however, disturbingly often. You know those Fel mobs in Shadow Labs that throw around fear like it was candy? I resist on average 6/8 on them. I've counted. Every time. And that just doesn't rhyme with the 15% resist to fear, stun and silence that I have in Unbreakable Will. Sure, it's on top of the standard Shadow Resist I'm toting around, but everyone in the part has that thanks to Prayer of Shadow Protection. Is there something I'm not aware of, or am I merely speshul?

On the other hand, I hardly ever resist stun or silence.

008: Wintersaber distraction

No Karazhan this weekend either - too much schoolwork for the poor students and the sexy Draenei healer had to send off her computer to the repair shop, poor thing. It's not a huge deal, raiding is only a part of the vast WoW empire and it means we'll all be a little more hungry for blood when we do go back. It's leaving me with a lot of free evenings that would otherwise have been spent raiding though, and that's making the Battery a little batty. Ho ho, did you catch that clever play on words I did there? Okay no seriously, I'm bored. Bored enough that I've gone back to Winterspring, heavily inspired by BRK and TJ's bet.

I can't remember anymore when or how I first heard of the
Winterspring Frostsaber. It's the only epic mount in the game without any armor and that's exactly what I couldn't stand about them. I remember getting my first mount ever, a brown mare, on my PvE warrior. Gathering up 100g was such a daunting task back then, especially for my total newbie warrior, who had skinning & leatherworking as professions. (Yeah, I know! What was I thinking?) I managed though, and then I put them both on a shelf and rerolled on a PvP realm with my bestfriend, effectively starting all over again at those monumental 100g.

I arrived on this new realm equipped with the knowledge of the Wintersaber and as soon as my bestfriend heard about it, she decided she wanted it too. Knowing it'd take forever and a day before we were 60 and could even start, we set ourselves the smaller goal of dinging exalted with Darnassus for a standard, run-of-the-mill kitty at level 40. I was 42 when I got mine (by then I already had a black stallion) and she was 41 when she could get hers. We did not use any runecloth. If anyone ever tells you it's hard or expensive to get to exalted with one of the other factions on your side they don't know what they're talking about.

Then at 60, I chose the lesser of two evils and got my swift white kitty. At least it has less armor than the horses do. I promptly started the Wintersaber Trainer rep grind, but due to some heavy friendly pressure from the guild I had to take a break and push for 70 instead. And then there was gearing up and then there was the flying mount which I had to get for the Kara prequest chain and then there was Kara itself and helping to gear up and attune guildies and boosting guild alts and clawing my way up the profession skill ladder and would you look at that, I hadn't been to Winterspring in several months.

Not that it was such a bad thing, I am meant to be doing the rep grind together with the bestfriends Shammy but her laptop has longsince been diagnosed as insane and so we've both been waiting for her to afford a new PC. If there's one thing I can assure you about the Wintersaber grind, it's that a friend to grind next to you is worth more than anything. It gets lonely up there in the snow. In any case, I've been bored enough to spend this entire weekend grinding and I'm currently about halfway to Honored. I don't even wanna think about how many out of the 520 total quests needed that I've completed.

I'll be writing more about the Wintersaber later, I just got manhandled into a BM run. And I never say no to Medivh♥

Thursday, August 23, 2007

007: WTB moar hit rating

During a Heroic Underbog run yesterday, the Mana-Etched Pantaloons dropped. I already had the Mana-Etched Crown. Now I've been suffering in the past couple weeks from a lack of (spell) hit rating. I'm not sure exactly what happened because up until then I wasn't paying attention to hit rating at all, but I must have had some gearchanges that mucked things up because suddenly the bosses in Kara were resisting left and right and my shackles broke free seemingly at will. For the first time ever I was also radically unhappy with my position on the DPS charts. It wasn't a huge problem, we still downed everything without much trouble, but I felt embarassed and n00bish.

After making a post on the guild boards with the title 'WTB moar hit rating', I was introduced to a lovely Shadow Priest thread on the European forums. Which for whatever reason has gone poof since then, so I can't link it. However, the same info is available at's fantastic boards:

76 hit is the cap with 5/5 Shadow Focus
101 hit before you can go to 4/5 Shadow Focus
126 hit before you can go to 3/5 Shadow Focus
152 hit before you can go to 2/5 Shadow Focus
177 hit before you can go to 1/5 Shadow Focus
202 hit before you can go to 0/5 Shadow Focus

All numbers rounded up to the next whole number.

At the time, I had 0/5 in Shadow Focus, which I singularly blame my fellow Mana Battery in the guild for, as he was the one who picked my talents for me. Come to think of it, that happened right around the time my DPS and shackle-reliability plummeted. He apologised profusely in caps lock though, and to be fair, he simply hadn't considered that my less-than-stellar gear would require a different build than his own. Which just goes to prove that spec is highly individual - not only does it have to match your playstyle for optimal use, but also your gear of the moment.

A quick respec later and I found myself boosted almost back up to where I was, DPS wise. I was still walking around with something like +12 spell hit total though, and thus still suffering. I discovered that the Sha'tar sell a lovely head enchant that gives +22 spell damage and +14 spell hit rating, and also switched some random gems. By the time the Pantaloons dropped, I was swimming with my head above water, but I wasn't satisfied.

Now enter exhibit A - my (then) current pants:
Devil-Stitched Leggings (with gems)

And exhibit B - the pantaloons:
Mana-Etched Pantaloons

(ignore the trinkets, those are my boost-guildies-in-SM-armory trinkets from last night - portable AoE for the win!)

As you can see, I'm taking a loss in both mana and spell damage in favor of a hefty hit boost. That might even be the highest hit boost any one item could give me with my current gear. Now you might ask yourself 'is it worth it?' and that's exactly what I did too. I'm not really into theorycrafting - I tend to read other peoples carefully calculated numbers and trust them blindly without trying to understand the finer details - but I'm sure I could sit down and research 3-4 pieces of upgrades that would not only give me as much +hit as those pants, but also keep my mana and spell damage the same, if not up them even moreso. I concluded that the blood, sweat and tears (not to mention time) that it would take to get all those 3-4 items to drop (and win the roll) didn't weigh as much as equipping those pantaloons here and now and keeping the leggings in the bank. I am, after all, in the same guild as the paladin who is exalted with Lower City and still haven't seen the Mask of Penance drop. I know how those things go.

Plus the word pantaloons is hilarious.

That doesn't mean I'm not on the hunt for alternate ways of getting more +spell hit, though. And more hit in general, since 56 isn't even enough to downspec Shadow Focus to 4/5. At least my shackles don't break anymore, so here's to hoping for a benevolent Karazhan in the weeks to come!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

006: What do you mean break? We'd just started!

I wonder how long this will take. Though it's not like I've been writing this blog for long :)

Things are rather quiet in Mana Battery land this week. We're on a forced break from raiding due to school starting. Also, our bear fessed up that he was sick of tanking and logged on his mage alt instead. Our top DPS, the warrior with the sword that can not be upgraded and habit of massacring Aldor bank guards for fun, is going to step in to fill the role. I know he really don't like tanking either though, so I've taken it upon myself to roll a druid. I obviously won't reach level 70 anytime soon, but I will eventually.

I have to admit, it's mostly a reaction to the massive lack of tanks that my realm is suffering under. I read the boards the other day and a fellow alliance summed it up very nicely. I can't find the thread again to get a direct quote, but this is aproximatly what he said: "Dentarg is 67% horde and 33% alliance. Of those 33, 1% are tanks, 5% are healers, and the rest are huntards." While I don't agree about the hunters, I'm with them about the healers and tanks. Dentargs LFG channel is full of 'tank for _____, last spot!' and 'LF1M tank to _______'.

Rolling a druid and playing her in the lower levels will at least allow me to feel as though I'm helping, as my offers to tank with my shadow priest were swiftly declined. Can't imagine why.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

005: Belfs!

You know that chain quest in Shadowmoon Valley that ends with dressing in a disguise and killing some elite giants? Yeah, that one.

Directly after putting them on, Timo the paladin and I stood and stared at each other in dumstrucked awe, peeling off helmets so we could see better. After deciding belfs look good no matter what, we then danced for 12 minutes straight. Did the quest, then we proceeded to dance for another 15 minutes while discussing which server we're gonna roll belfs on, asap. He's gonna decide what mine looks like and I'll decide on his piece of eyecandy.

Damn. Just, damn! Belf males are fine.
And the women ain't so bad either.

Well. You know what the Draenei say. What happens in Shadowmoon Valley stays in Shadowmoon Valley...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

004: WTB phat loot

Dear Karazhan,

pretty please drop some offensive caster toys instead of just healing items. True, my healing gear has never looked better, but I am in desperate need of upping my +dmg! So far we've had only two caster items - a mana regen trinket that I bowed out on in favor of the other mana battery and a very nice cloak that the mini-mage won. On the other side, I'm now carrying around both Masquerade Gown and Headdress of the High Potentate. I look smashing when I heal 5mans, but this isn't what I'd imagined upon entering you. And while at it, I'd love to up my +hit as well :[


Handwraps of Flowing Thought
Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran
Bands of Nefarious Deeds
Staff of Infinite Mysteries
Wicked Witch's Hat
Ritssyn's Lost Pendant

I'm especially wishing myself good luck on that last one, as it's a random drop from trash mobs ._.

Though currently we're on a break from Kara. As sad as it is to do so when we were on such a roll, school is starting for 90% of the guild and one of our healers bowed out of WoW altogether yesterday because the game had stopped being fun. We were already agreed on wanting to recruit another healer but now it's suddenly become a much more pressing need. We're not desperate yet - we downed Aran with only two healers after all - but we all know we're can't keep going forever without fresh blood coming in.

I've also been made an officer now, so guild concerns are my concerns. It was mostly on accident, I think - I'd been made guild leader temporarily to screencap various new tabard ideas. If you play a female character I'm sure you've noticed the importance of a female being the model: 90% of the icons look horrid over boobs. At any rate, after I'd done my stuff and given leader back, I was automatically degraded to 'officer' by the games mechanics, and... they just let me stay there. I didn't even notice myself until that pesky /officer channel started showing up during the next Kara run. When I spoke up in it people just laughed and said 'ohai'. Welcome to officer-dom, can you tell we're a very serious guild? That's exactly what I love about it though ♥

In all honesty though, my guildies needn't worry. I have my heart set on doing my best for this ragtag group of lunatics, because they make this game fun. So far, I may only be using my newfound power to randomly change the message of the day to my pleading for us to adopt a male belf (to be my naked-dance-slave), but that's another story...

Monday, August 13, 2007

003: Ignored players

Shammy: Right now I'm set on grinding to 70
Shammy: But I got so damn pissed off... this little gnome came and yoinked a feather I needed while I fought a wolf ON TOP OF the feather
Shammy: And when I went to ignore him... I ALREADY HAD!!!
Shammy: Which means that the fucker has annoyed me more than once
MBB: Ooooh
MBB: BUT look on the bright side!
Shammy: Hehe
MBB: All the time you've been gone since he last annoyed you, ALL THAT TIME
MBB: And he's still not high enough in level that he has done the quests you're on now
Shammy: True
MBB: And you've been gone a very long time!
Shammy: Almost depressing... for him *satisfied giggle*
MBB: It's all about how you view it
Shammy: Yep
Shammy: You're fucking good at being positive...
MBB: For everyone but myself! It's a gift.

002: Karazhan progress

This weeks homework for Karazhan:

We got him down, though. Eventually.

See, my guild (which is fantastic btw) has a rather unique method of doing things in raids. We copy the most basic of strategies/guides/info into the raid chat, then we storm forward, wipe spectacularly when the boss is down to 20-40% (but with Divine Intervention♥), ress, storm forwards again and kill the fucker(s). We call it learning by wiping. So far we've used this method on all bosses and the track record has been as follows:
Attumen & Midnight - 1st try
Moroes - 3rd try
Maiden of Virtue - 2nd try
Opera (Big Bad Wolf) - 2nd try
Opera (Romulo & Julianne) - 2nd try (one damn second too late on the first try! Argh!)
Curator - 2nd try (if you don't count the wipes from accidental pulls, the bloody thing has the aggro range of Azeroth to quote our sexy healer)

And then there's Shade of Aran. I think we brought him down on our 5th try, and that's counting the wipe where he got accidentally pulled because someone stood too close as we were prepping. 5th (or even 4th) try is just not up to our standard. Hence: homework.

Next time ol' Dad is going down on the first god damn try.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

001: Intro

Krissy. Female. 25 years old. Newbie in World of Warcraft. Dentarg EU.

Well, when I say newbie, I mean that I've still only got 1 level 70 and never raided before Karazhan. I'm one of those unlucky suckers who only got to 60 after BC had come out, and thus missed out on Blackwing Lair, Molten Core, Ahn'Qiraj and so on. I'm still upset about that. At any rate, there's still tons I don't know about and thus I consider myself in the category experienced newbie. (I like oxymorons.)

I'm a shadow priest that's allergic to healing and my alt is a warlock. Which school of magic is my favorite ought to be obvious :P This blog will be where I go to write down interesting, funny and boring things from my travels through Azeroth.