Thursday, August 14, 2008

067: Intermission

Got a job in Ireland, moving there + moving in with the Paladin in a few days. Very busy. Won't have the 'net for 1-2 months (please send help!). The Paladin has resigned as officer and we've both gone casual rank due to this + with my new job I'll have less time for raiding anyway. It's sad, but real life has to come first after all.

Things to blog about once we're all settled and have been hooked back to life support the internet:
* Kinda sorta but not really a World Dragon kill.
* The Staff. Finally.
* Wait, I'm a Rogue now?
* Reputation addicts.

In other news, boy am I glad I've got tailoring on my main! The flying carpet mount (if it is indeed true) sounds infinitely cool and I will be getting one stat once the expansion hits. Now would someone point me in the direction of where that turban headpiece drops cause I have some farming to do...