Tuesday, January 15, 2008

048: Hello Illidan

Mother Shahraz: DOWN
Illidari Council: DOWN
Illidan Stormrage: Well hello there....

We only had 1 hour of raid time left so it wasn't super serious tries. We wanted to learn how to handle parasites in phase 1 and see how long we could last in phase 2 (not very long at all) plus give the two Wonderbears some practice with positioning/kiting the Flames of Azzinoth.

It was awesome. First to finally down Illidari Council, which is another really tough encounter, then to walk up two stairs with no trash whatsoever and stand face to face with the Betrayer himself. I can't even describe it. I kept going 'eeee!' in whispers to Tom like a maniac. :(

More coherent posts later, maybe. Oh, and having 7 priests (5 of them shadow) on Council was freakin' awesome:


Pinne said...


Tomcat said...

Eeeeeee! ;P

Euripedes said...

Do, like, ALL priests do the "Eeee!" thing?

At least you didn't macro /squee.

I mean...




Mana Battery Bitch said...



Varakkys said...

Those two kitties in the last screenie seem a little TOO excited =P

Bad cats!

Mana Battery Bitch said...

That's our official guild humpers! As soon as you die, they'll be over in a heartbeat to corpsehump you. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it?