Saturday, February 2, 2008

052: Plans for the future

* Complete the Noggenfogger questchain
* Kill a World Dragon
* Kill the Four Horsemen in Naxx until Corrupted Ashbringer drops, then freeride with the lucky winner into SM for the RP event
* Hoard DKP until I can get Handguards of Absolution
* Level the baby warrior to 70
* Gather mats for Bracers of Nimble Thought
* Raise a toast to spell haste in the next patch, and another for Fear Ward being castable in Shadowform
* Have 'never ever go back to ZA' tattooed onto the back of my hands

Illidan Stormrage is a really really long encounter, and it's sorta boring to watch. At least more than once. Especially if you've been wiping on that encounter for hours and hours. In order to prevent ours from being just another run of the mill Illidan kill movie, we spiced it up with an RP intro and a rap song. I take no responsability whatsoever, though I helped with both:

From the Rogue's POV I am my normal human female self. However from the Shadow Priests POV I am an undead, as he uses skins. I'm the one with Marge Simpson hair :[


DPSMewMew said...

I'm just wondering why you never want to go back to ZA? We've more or less got the first three bosses on farm now, but Dragonhawk is a bitch and after enough attempts to have trash respawn on us we've decided we'll farm the first three bosses forever. We can even get timed loot off of bird and bear.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

1: We go for the timed event since it's much better loot, but it puts tremendous stress on the group.

2: People are always whining about wanting to bring alts, since it's 'just' ZA. Said alts are always undergeared.

3: Those scouts were forged in hell. We have yet to pass them without wiping at least once, usually 3+ times.

Trollin' said...

Gratz on the Absolution! Freaking amazing! I'm happy for you.

How's tearing up BT/MH getting ready for Sunwell? My guild just busted through Kael'Thas and we downed Rage in one shot, =P.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Thank you! I remember what you said about Absolution looking fine on human females and I can't help but agree :D

I was thinking about writing a blog about what a guild does once Illidan is down, actually. Here's to hoping I'll have the time later today!

Rage is a kitten, seriously. I was surprised after finally being attuned (Kael'thas isn't exactly a walk in the park) that the first boss in the 'real' endgame raid instances was such a pushover. I guess it's the reward for having defeated Vashj and Kael, eh?

PS - Golden rule of WoW: don't stand in shiny stuff. It's become an inside joke in my guild by now because it holds true for every encounter. If there's something shiny on the ground you better move!

/emofire said...

Snagged yourself the ZA trinket? :o

Mana Battery Bitch said...

It has yet to drop for my guild. Ever.

Let's just say that if it ever did, I'd be fighting tooth and nail against at least 2 officers and one very loot horny raid leader :(