Thursday, October 4, 2007


All I want is my Spellstrike Hood crafted. Had a guy lined up to do it via a friend, he said no problem, whenever I was ready with the mats just whisper. Friend even said he'd log onto that guys account and run a heroic to get the nether himself if it came to it. I was a happy Mana Battery. I was purring.

Crafter quit playing wow.

Right, well, gotta troll /trade to find a new guy then. Not so hard, yeah? Spend 3-4 days periodically calling for a crafter with no results. See other people doing the same thing. Finally one day I come back from afk'ing to see that somebody has infact advertised that they can craft Spellstrike Hood in the trade channel and they also have a Nether available. Great! Whisper! 0 players found! Whatever, he logged off, it happens, I'll add him to friends and he'll be back eventually.

He does come back, but I'm the polite kind and do not whisper people while they're in a raid. I wait and wait and wait and two more days pass and finally I catch him idling in Shattrah. Whisper. No reply. Wait, wait, wait, oh look he's gone afk. Fantastic.

Player comes back from afk, I whisper again. He has no Nether. No, he says, he doesn't really run heroics often either.

I JUST WANT MY HOOD PEOPLE. It took me weeks of grinding to gather all the mats now GIMME MY HOOD :[


Kestrel said...

I feel your pain. Not to be sadistic, but every week or so I see Spellstrike Hoods in our AH (Kul Tiras-US). I've seen both pieces of Whitemend as well (my priest is Holy spec).

Of course, I'd much rather gather all the mats (except the nether) than pay 1000 - 1500 gold or more per piece.

Here's hoping you get your Hood soon, Mana!!

Kestrel (and Osprey)

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Yeah I haven't even bothered to search the Ah to be honest, because it's much more managable to grind and sell to buy some of the mats and grind others yourself. I spent many many hours at the flame elementals in Nagrand in the wee hours of the night, then sold the primal fires and bought the primal mights. Sold shadowcloth and bought spellcloth. Easy.

However it would appear that nobody on my server that has the recipe bother to run heroics. Or log on, at all. It's extra frustrating because I am a tailor myself with maxed skill and 3 nethers in the bank. I need to rally my guild into doing SH heroic at least once a week, but it seems that HH rep is what everyone are lowest on.