Monday, October 29, 2007

020: Gayadins and other animals

MBB: is that a unicorn pala?
Healadin: oyea
MBB: its somehow not as cute as a plain unicorn
MBB: or a plain pala for that matter
MBB: even the human inside that armor looks embarassed
Healadin: hehe
MBB: hes like
MBB: 'there's a purple horn on my forhead, isnt there'


MBB: is that an arrow on his crotch?
MBB: subtle.
Healadin: haha yeah, showing where da power is :P
MBB: and you keep telling me paladins aren't gay.
Healadin: that's not a hint focused towards other men you know
Healadin: you always tend to think gay ways
Healadin: :P
MBB: it doesnt say that anywhere
MBB: however, you have a purple horn on your forhead
MBB: i think that speaks volumes, personally

Actually, he doesn't, because he passed on it for a very happy rogue. Our healadin is a gentleman and we love him for it. That doesn't mean I won't make fun of him when he eventually does get his t4 helmet token though!

Obv this means Prince
went down last night. \o/


Pinne said...

That is... *can't stop laughing* The arrow does it for me. Too bad it's plate, or I would do ANYTHING (up to but not included sexual favors) to get it.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

It's a shame we probably won't see the tier4 leg tokens for quite some time, if ever. I'd kill to watch Timo and Johan walk around in those :P