Thursday, May 15, 2008

063: QQ

For many months now, Tom and I have organised a Karathon every Friday. I do the signups, make sure we have enough tanks and healers and raid lead. He assists me and handles the occasional loot buyer + distributes voids at the end. At first it was all fun and it felt nice to raid lead Kara again like I used to do in my old guild. These days though, it feels like more hassle than it's worth. The below is the list of Rules I want to post in the next signup thread. I won't though, I think it's better to just take a break from running these things altogether.

#1: If you sign up and then get saved before Friday, have the courtesy to let us know. Preferably before we log on Thursday night and see your character is in Karazhan with some other group. Or if we don't happen to see you do this, let us know before we start sending out raid invites ten to seven on Friday evening.

#2: If you sign up as a tank, get saved with some other group and decide that this is okay cause you'll just come with your other character (who is not a tank), don't just whisper the severly undergeared feral druid that's coming to be geared up and tell her 'You'll be offtanking, I'll come on my lock instead'. Especially do not do this and not tell us anything about it. She's not strong enough to fill that role yet and we'll have to arrange something else. We'd like to know we need to do so before it's one hour until raid time.

#3: Don't sign if you're not going to show up. If you have an excuse that's fine, but 'I forgot' is not an excuse. Neither is 'It's just Kara, chill'.

#4: Do not show up drunk to the point where you keep dying and/or wipe us because you a) overaggro, b) pull extra packs of mobs, c) spend your time whispering your crush and not paying attention to what the group is doing, d) auto-run into packs we skipped, e) fall down and die, f) set off Flame Wreath on Aran, or any other ridiculously stupid thing. It's not cute. You're just pissing everybody off and wasting our time.

#5: You are not a special snowflake. You will be DPSing the flares on Curator and you will be DPSing the chains on Illhoof. You will also corpse run with everybody else when we wipe.

#6: If you're listed as a DPS and you're told to DPS, do not go into bear form and taunt things off the poor off-tank with lesser gear than you. Yes, you are the better tank, but he does buggerall damage with his prot spec and he doesn't have adequate DPS gear. You do. Next time, state that you'll only come if you can tank and we will work around it.

#7: No, that guy isn't in our guild. He is a good friend of mine that asked very nicely if he could come along for badges (and we needed a well-geared DPSer to carry your blue-and-green geared alt). He's 15, a sweetheart and about a million times more polite than you. Stop making fun of him and act your age. You make me ashamed to wear the same guildtag as you when you get all elitist like that. If only you worked as hard to be a nice person as you did on getting your t6!

#8: No, you can't just take that item. You'll pass on it like we always do, and then the interested people will /roll and we sort it out. This is how we've always done it and you've run Kara with us plenty of times before. There are others here too that wear cloth/leather/mail/plate/need healing gear/need tanking gear/can use that weapon (cross out as applicable). Stop being greedy!

Yeah, I need a vacation :/


DPSMewMew said...

#5: You are not a special snowflake. You will be DPSing the flares on Curator and you will be DPSing the chains on Illhoof. You will also corpse run with everybody else when we wipe.

You give me love right there. You have no idea how many Kara's I've done that my DPS on Curator has been shit because I haven't been able to hit him during evocate more than one fireball because no one else at all has been on the astral flares the entire time.

Grimmtooth said...

#1-5 = righteousness on a stick

I may have to pin this up on the guild wiki. Until "Snowflake" complains loud enough to get it taken down :)

Odius said...

I especially like #5. We had an issue on curator with the DPS not bothering with the flares after the first evocate. This of course lead to our super druid healer getting nuked and proceeding to forget to heal DPS the rest of the run. Needless to say after I calmed her down from wanting to kill we had a good laugh when the DPS died.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

It's funny how many Snowflakes there are out there! I love hearing about other peoples experiences with things like this, it makes me feel better about refusing to take said Snowflake's alts on any future runs. Mind you, this is after multiple incidents, not just one run. This post was a long time coming :/

Anonymous said...


Elysiane said...

I couldn't agree more. Can I steal this with credit for our Kara runs? I raid lead speed runs as well, and this would save a lot of hassle.

Knurd said...
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Knurd said...

This is so true!! We stopped running Kara for a few weeks because we got sick of the stupid people. We are a T5 group that was basically 7 manning Kara and then carrying 3 alts/newbies/whatever. We then lost two of the core 7 to RL, (they are married), and now have to deal with filling those two spots every week with random badge farmers (from our guild we pug nothing).

They are geared just like we are, but many times get mad because they can't just take something but instead have to roll on it ... or want to bring their alt in for just this one fight because X might drop even though there is an undergeared member of that class that has been with us the entire time.

BryanEcho said...

I'm shadow priest that just went into Kara for the second time tonight. The first time was last night and we did well, it was fun, and I got two purple drops :) Tonight was wipe after wipe. But more than that I didn't like the way the group was run. This post helped me see all the things that could have been handled better.