Thursday, September 20, 2007

014: Tipping the Scales

Yesterday we headed into Karazhan again, even though we were missing some key players due to them moving IRL. We pretty much knew we couldn't take on Moroes with the setup we had, but we were hoping to farm Attumen and Maiden for loot. No reason not to, after all. We wiped though, and awesomely so. Quoth the offtank bear: "Well as long as it was spectacular, it's alright."

First time was a really bad pull of some sort and the holy priest died, can't really remember. Second time was due to the first wipe and too much time spent explaining things to those who were in kara for the first time. After a few seconds of bopping Attumen on the head, the respawn came crashing around the corner and ate our faces for dinner. Much fun! Apparantly they spawned 2 seconds before we pulled Midnight. Third wipe was cause by yours truly getting feared into some adds just as the patrol was close enough to be aggro'ed as well. Oh the timing. Fourth try - and by then we were laughing in /ra about how mebarassing this was getting - was when our borrowed off-tank went down way too fast, I think. At some point I was Divine Intervention'ed too, at an Attumen wipe, but I'll be buggered if I remember when and why. It gets hard separating the wipes after a while. At any rate, our own off-tank came on after having been stuck in traffic on his way home for half an hour, and we took down Attumen and Midnight finally.

There was no way in hell we were even going to try Moroes, and since it was getting late we decided to go for Maiden another day.

It was glorious and it was humbling. To be honest, we might have needed that. Being forced to give up on Curator last week because our DPS simply wasn't high enough was one thing - Curator is a bastard - but wiping on Attumen is a whole different ballgame. We were the guild that walked into Kara and took down boss after boss on the second or third attempt without really trying terribly hard. We had extraordinary players who all knew their classes like the inside of their gloves and who maximized their DPS as much as they could (and then there was me, tagging along as best as she could, ha). Now, we find ourselves being just like everyone else and having to really work for the kills. All of us have to polish our gear as much as we can and work hard on upping our DPS point after point. It's beginning to feel like raiding should feel like, in a sense. Or maybe I just need some fresh air and an Advil.

That aside, loot! The borrowed offtank got a nice mail helmet and I won the roll for the Handwraps of Flowing Thought. That's twice in a row it's dropped for us now:

I'm probably going to try for the +hit/mp5 gem that drops in Heroic Underbog to replace that green one, but for the time being this will do. I'm now at +116 spell hit (at the cost of losing 4 points in +spell damage), thus breaking the treshold I've been striving for. Respecced late last night and am now happily 4/5 Shadow Focus. Once I get the spellstrike set made (and gemmed) and level my enchanting one more point to get the +10 spell hit on gloves I'll be able to downspec another two points. I could not be happier with where I'm at, gear wise, right now. Yay!


Annai said...

Gah! They really need to consider lengthening the timers on the trash in Kara. All the "uber" guilds are done with the place, so the pacing could be made a little better for the more casual among us. I think they consider the Attumen respawn a gear check. If you can't get through the trash fast enough, you probably can't down him.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Unfortunatly it stinks when you bring in new people and want to explain things properly and organise the shackle pulls with the dinged-70-two-days-ago priest... Things take time damnit! ;)

Sindre said...

and you bring me along, you better know you are doomed to fail then! ;-P

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Is dat sum speshul Sindre curse of doom? Even when you're not on your warlock? Nah you did good for a first timer bb ♥

TJ said...

I went to Kara for the first time last night. I got no loot, but that's ok, and I got a headache, but that's ok, but here was the best part, on vent.

BRK: If Legacy drops tonight, Lamaa, I am going to fight you for it.
Lamaa: Well, if I get it, you can have my sonic spear, since I guess I won't need it anymore.


Mana Battery Bitch said...

Oh snap, hahaha. But what did he say (or do) in reply? Come on, you can't leave out the best part :P