Thursday, September 6, 2007

011: The waiting game

Still not back in Kara. On the bright side though, I'm honored with the Wintersaber Trainers, and this morning I found an Orb of Deception in one of the ever-spawning chests at Winterfall Village. Been running around as an orc all day - shame it doesn't stack with shadowform though.

I've also picked up the
Orb of the Soul-Eater, but have yet to ding exalted with LC. Workin' on it though - boosting guildies in SL for the keybits is purposeful to me as well now so it's a nice thing we have all these new people! Last week our honorary Reavers member took the plunge and left his old guild, which we've been bugging him about since we began Kara. He brought three others with him, but unfortunatly they're all DPSers. It's lovely to have backups because lord knows not everyone can be on at the same time every raid, but we're still unable to go due to lack of tank and healers. Sexy Draenei Healadin's PC is still broken and the Shammy still hasn't received her new one. Damn this technology.

Speaking of though, I was asked the day before yesterday if I'd mind respeccing if it came to it. Now I know I stated in my first post that I'm allergic to healing - and I am! I'm never more nervous and paranoid than when I'm healing - but I'll happily do it as a temporary measure for the benifit of the guild. I don't know the first thing about holy talents though, so I've enlisted the assitance of the lovely Ego to help me make sense of things. The Bear stated he'd rather go be a Tree than for me to respec (since my mana battery is much more useful than yet another DPSer) so it might not come to it, but it's better to be prepared. I'd really rather avoid it coming to respeccing and us wiping at something ridiculously easy, like Attumen, just 'cause I have no clue how to heal effectively. Heh.

In further sucky news, the only other level 70 priest in the guild, my shadow mentor, has quit wow. He's promised to still hang out on our forums so I can harass him for advice when I need it, but eh. Sad panda. Add to it that I've been sick and seemingly 90% of Norwegians on my realm are having massive connection problems lately and you've got the past week in quick summary. Sad saaaaad panda.


Annai said...

Hang in there! Going through a bit of a slow patch myself, as we lost a night of Kara to holidays here in the US and I missed a night hanging out with my family. (Not a bad thing.)

Jack said...

WoW hates Norway. Or the vampire vikings are taking up all the latency. Anyhow, something is wrong.

And don't worry. Resto shammy is on her way, as soon as the new computer is in house.


Mana Battery Bitch said...

Thanks Annai - and you're definitely right that it's not bad to miss out due to real life reasons! In-game issues are another thing though.

Jacks bb, get a new account. Srsly. Oh and grats on 46! Now lets get you past 50 or vikings will come get you.