Wednesday, December 5, 2007

039: Winds of Change

Leaving the guild was both and easy and a hard decision. Easy because Reavers is casual and was never meant to be anything else. All the officers (except me) have raided hardcore before and, for various reasons, don't want to anymore. Hard because they're all friends. I've met several of them IRL. I have a lot, a lot, of respect for some of them.

Chances like this do not come often, however.

I've left Reavers and joined Kamuflasjefylla. They've cleared Hyjal. It's gonna be a tremendous challenge.

Illidan here I come. ♥


TeePee said...

Wow, congratulations, and best of luck! Seeing Hyjal is Goal The First for me at the moment, but we're probably still a couple of months away at best... Looking forward to reading about your adventures :)

Trollin' said...

Wow! You're right, opportunities like this don't come around every day. Leaving a guild full of friends is really hard, though it's not as if you can't talk to them ever again. Heroic and Regular dailies ftw, imo.

Kestrel said...

Good luck...and I expect to see regular progress updates here! :)

Dammerung said...

Congrats! Hope it goes well.

Anonymous said...

1. That is by far, the most heinous guild name I have ever come across.

2. My best friend (irl) left our guild to join one that had been doing Kara. They have since moved on to the 25 and 40-man raids. They even moved to an East Coast server to be more convenient for the majority of their players. (We are on the East Coast as well) At first, he was happy but now he has been considering coming back. Main reason? He misses running with us.

Did you take your alts from the guild as well? If not, at least you can still run with people from time to time.

3. That guild name is horrible. LOL

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Thank you all ♥ I will definitely update about it once things start happening! (they don't raid Fri-Sat, so for now I've been grinding primals for upgrades/enchants)

@Messyah - yeah, I know, we're the guild that nobody can spell the name of ;) I think the alt-guild is KamuflasJellyBaby or somesuch, heh. I kinda like it though!

Anonymous said...

You can blame me for Messyah finding your blog :P The fool thinks I'm god...har har jk

I think you're doing a good thing for the here and now though - which is what its all about. Dont live in the past or future...the present is the true gift. Or so they say.

Enjoy it, have fun, kick ass and never lose touch with those friends :)

MeatShield said...

Woot! Going on to get the full effect of all that is holy! Well holy and created by Blizz anyways. Going to a new guild is both fun and scary. Still, when you always make time for friends you don't miss the old guild as least I haven't. In fact, I have only added people to my friends list since leaving a guild of friends for a raiding guild.

DPSMewMew said...

Hopefully your guild is a lot more understanding about your leaving than PK was about me and Dave. (As in, not throwing a hissy fit and banning you from vent, ignoring you, kicking your alts, etc.)

I hope that you can get into Hyjal. Unfortunately for me and Dave, trying a 25 man raiding guild didn't work so we're more or less back where we started from with PK, except that Affliction has far more of a chance than PK for ever seeing a 25man -- PK just would NOT recruit no matter what. Or they'd recruit like 10 rogues but no tanks or healers. :(