Friday, December 14, 2007

043: Rhêa

Have you ever thought about who that Horde is, if you play Alliance, or the other way around if you're Horde? Have you ever thought about them as people, beyond them being an enemy player and checking to see whether or not they're flagged for PvP? I hadn't. Not really.

Yeah, sure, I roam around Alliance capitals with the Undead frequently, but I didn't know any of them. I knew Neas was a funny guy that cared more about pushing the boundaries of the game than questing/raiding, and who'd happily share his fun with a random emote-happy Human Priest. I knew Rhêa enjoyed ganking for the sake of ganking and had been doing it since before I started playing WoW. I knew that even though his gear was considered 'shit' his skills granted him victories over people with far superior gear. I guessed from his username that he liked the Dark Tower books, but didn't know for sure. Beyond that, though?

Lurking on the realm forum boards didn't give me much. People don't get personal on there, perhaps especially on Dentarg's forums. Flamewars aren't exactly rare to put it like that, heh.

In a quiet room in the Mystic Ward of Ironforge, furios emote combat took place. Me and a Paladin guildie versus Rhêa the Undead Holy Priest. You want to talk things over with Rhêa. You question Rhêa. Rhêa wants to talk things over with you. On and on. But how?

In a flaming thread on the realm forums where Rhêa had posted, I had typed in my email. After about fifteen more /talk emotes we reached our goal. Rhêa replied in the thread, asking me to come on Dentarg's IRC channel. I quickly removed my email again. IRC? I last used that when I was 19 (I'm 25 now). Luckily the Paladin had once gone on there and could help me sort out my settings. Turns out Rhêa's email address had mysteriously died in a fire, but he had MSN!

Rhêa has mercilessly slaughtered me many times. I don't think I've killed him more than once - and I had help! - but my memory is that of a goldfish so don't hold me to it. He is a really nice guy. Loves the Dark Tower books. Hates questing. Visits Ironforge every single day. Collects non-combat pets just like me. Invited me to come to Orgrimmar some time as his special guest, after I mentioned that I'd never ever been there. Communication is glorious.

Did you know that if you exploit terrain jump and get yourself up to the top of Ironforge - not the airport place but the mountain peak right above IF itself - there's an Alliance banner there with a couple NPCs? Did you know that if you're Horde - or have a Horde friend with you - and you kill them, you loot Alterac Valley items?

I know. Rhêa showed me.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know about the AV items off IF guards on the peak...I've been CLOSE to it, but never on the peak itself. Interesting stuff. Amazing to actually speak to them first hand! That's awesome


DPSMewMew said...

Everyone I know loves Org and given a choice between major cities (excluding Shatt for the lack of trainers/ah), they would automatically pick Org. I personally don't like Org -- though I have become more partial to it recently because of the close proximity of the bank/mailbox/ah, however my favorite is Undercity, quite possibly because I started the game as an undead, knowing nothing about it. I guess that's a stupid argument since Dave's first char was undead as well and he hates Undercity/the whole undead starting area, but whatever. I like UC because right below where you port to, there's a regeant vendor. I like not having to search for my regeant vendors -- I don't know where one is in Shatt or Silvermoon, Org is quite far away, and Thunderbluff I don't feel like finding a patrolling vendor. Out of the prettiest city though I'd probably say Thunderbluff even if I hate it because of all the different rises.

The real reason I like UC the best? It's all circular. Getting lost is hard to do.

I'm also not that into pvp and killing allies and all, despite that I was proud of myself yesterday for managing to kill a 70frost mage when I was at half health and mana and they were full on it all, considering I suck at pvp and frost mages are supposedly the greatest at it (though I sucked at it then too). Sure I'll kill the allies if I'm in a bg, obviously. Or I'll try if they attack me at random in the world -- though I don't stand a chance against most of them. I'll even try to kill them if they start attacking someone I'm in a party with. But I'm not one of those people who just goes around killing every ally I see while questing/farming/whatever. The pure reason I don't do it is because it pisses me off when they do it to me, so I figure it probably pisses them off when I do it to them.

Anonymous said...

dpsmewmew you'd be surprised how many people I know that hate UC for its layout. Another factor being "death by elevator" of my friends is cursed and just about ALWAYS dies in that elevator. I'm not sure what he's doing wrong so I really cant help him...just amusing to see his icon suddenly WHAM DEAD! and he said...yep...I'm in Undercity. And then he curses the heavens a few times.

I've always found it easy to get around UC, but especially with new people starting up the game this year (I helped them learn to walk...) they tended to hate UC the most. I told them to go to Exodar and tell me how great UC is after that trip lol

TB on the other hand...its nice and pretty but...very spread out. I'm not a huge fan.

UC and Org are my fave cities.

Mareck said...

I remember on my old server (PvP) during the old honor-grind doing something similar.

Back then you could Mind Control or use the Mind Control cap and then /em any message you wanted. There were only 20 or so alliance who were in the battlegrounds with any regularity, so we would Mind Control them and do /em our vent server is blah-blah-blah. Then they'd come on and we'd have a good laugh.

Later on, most of those alliance realized that Horde was the way to go, and they deleted their characters and rerolled Horde side to join our guild :)

Dammerung said...


I hear tons of TB hate from my guild mates/friends/bloggers I know.

But how can you not like the city?

Nice spread out... empty because everyone hates it.... easy to travel.... close to desolace(huge deal to me right now). The only thing I don't like is the lack of a lock trainer.

Anyways here is my rankings based on "I'm in a hurry and need [X]:

Based on theme, and looks(OG almost beat out TB but then I remembered what it looked like that one time I cranked my graphics up and TB won):
1)UC, IF
2)TB, SW
3)OG, UC

Mana Battery Bitch said...

I am going to make Rhêa himself come and reply to the comments here. Much more fun. Plus he knows far more about the different capitols than I do >___>

Anonymous said...

My fav city is TB. Nice graphics, nice relaxing background music. Auction, bank, repair all close. I'ts top notch !

UC is cool, but to get there, with elevators and stuff is a real pain.

Org is not bad, but everything is to spread out: Anvil, forge, trainers, ...

And the worst is by far Exodar. I get lost all the time. 'Nough said !