Saturday, December 1, 2007

038: +1000 shadow spell damage

A guildie needed an SL run for the keybit some time ago and I thought why not? I've been exalted with Lower City for ages, but still need Aldor drops for the last few thousand rep with them. Let's go! We breeze through it all, kill Murmur and... wait what? Spellstrike Pants pattern? Well color me amazed! And color a Mage in my guild green with envy, too!

A week or two of mat-farming later:

Getting it gemmed took a chunk out of my epic flying skill fund, but it was worth it. (Still farming the Primals for the epic spellthread.)

I also ran a heroic with some non-guild friends last week and got mildly scolded for my gear. Namely the fact that I was still running around with Wand of the Netherwing when an epic wand had been made available through Badges. Two heroics later I picked it up and also made my very first honor-point purchase ever (epic gem):

Another thing I was picked on for was that I'm using a healing trinket (Scarab of the Infinite Cycle) alongside my Icon of the Silver Crescent. Honestly though, all the other trinkets I have are +spell crit on equip - the Scarab is the only one that offer +spell dmg. They told me to farm some Heroic or other for an epic trinket but I forgot which one, which is just as well since my 'to do' list is getting kinda long.

Regardless! +1k shadow spell dmg has been broken. With the spellthread it'll be even more, and I still need to switch glove enchants from +15 spell hit to +20 spell dmg, now that I'm ahead of the game hit-wise. The new damage goal is to break +1100 shadow spell dmg before Newyears.

Btw, that's me sporting the Aldor tabard, after finally dinging exalted yesterday :)


evilplaidkitten said...

Probably heroic slavepens for Quaggmarian's Eye -- damage on equip and spell haste chance (which procs a lot). Or it could be that shiffar horn thing that I have yet to see/get.

I honestly don't like the badges wand. I guess it's better than what you have, but in my opinion you should just go farm lots of heroic underbog until you get black stalk, so that you get another stat besides damage. That was my original plan, but the Tirisfal wand of ascendency dropped off of shade long before I had a chance to finish heroic underbog. :p

DPSMewMew said...

ps, I decided I wanted to be cool like you so I've made a journal as well for my wow shit -- and here it is. :p

Bruthah said...

Wow! Many Congo rats! :)

Trollin' said...

@EPK - For a shadow priest, you really don't need anything but +dmg once you have 76 hit rating. There's no point in stacking crit since we only have 150% crits, and haste is of dubious use for priests because it doesn't affect the GCD or DoT times.

@MBB - Definetly go for the Battlemaster's Audacity Trinket. You can get it with 75K (?) Honor *or* 60 Heroic Badges, whichever is easier. It's a boat load of +dmg static and an on-use ability to increase health by 1750 for a few seconds. The +dmg is (I think) the highest in the game right now.

And gratz on 1K Shadow Damage, I danced through Orgrimmar when I finally passed it. I'll jump on the jealousy boat with that mage friend of yours, I've done that instance so many times its not funny, but never seen the pattern drop.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

@Mew - well things have changed a lot since I made that post, obviously. I'm now in a hardcore raiding guild and will be attuned to Hyjal/Black Temple soonish. I'll probably be going for the Badges trinket for the reasons Trollin' mentioned as thats' what my Spriest mento tells me to go for next. He's the one that told me to get the Badge-wand btw, he said that for spriest, since crit is < spell dmg, it's better than any other wand out there. At least for where I am now, gear-wise.

Anyway, I won't see Kara much, I don't think, so the Tirisfal wand is out of the question.

@Bruthah - Thank you! I was so proud of myself, then I went off and joined a guild to whom +1k is peas :P Go figure.

@Trollin - I believe it's 75 badges, a friend picked it up the other day. So far I'm 12/75 :) And see my reply to Mew as well, I'm with you on the crit/haste opinion.

Mareck said...

Hey, I just found your blog, and I know this is a couple weeks late, but I couldn't help but smile remembering when I hit +1000 dmg too! (Now I'm at 1200).

There's so much I want to add that I think will help you, so I hope you see this!

1) for your 2nd trinket, I know it can be pretty costly, but start collecting a Blessings Deck. You turn it in for a trinket that adds 8 spell damage with every spell you land on an enemy, and stacks up to 10 times! That's +80 damage on a fight that lasts longer than 20 seconds. Furthermore, it's passive (which I like).

2) I don't agree with the previous poster about not needing any more hit than 76. Personally, I want to max out my +hit (if possible) without having to use Shadow Focus. It's just more points that I can use in other abilities (Imp VE, Imp MB, or +crit)

3) One last thing, I don't know if you have them or not, but the new gloves that just came out with the ZA patch are some of the best in the game right now, and all you need is 60 Badges.

I plan on bookmarking and reading your progress! Good luck!!