Wednesday, August 29, 2007

010: Upgrades

Thanks for your input on the previous entry guys. I'll keep the name for now and if someone comes along later with a reasonable request to change it, I will. By the way, the name stems from my guild being overly sweet one day, talking about how they would like a Shadow Priests invaluable services for some instance blah blah, and I retorted 'you just want a mana battery bitch, don't you'.

Still not back in Kara and yes, I will whine about that in every post I make until we are. I'm surprised at how much I miss it, really. The regular 5man instances are no longer a challenge, and though heroics are very much so, they're rather hard to organise when 80% of your guild is usually offline doing homework, working or getting drunk. We've managed a few though, so I'm slowly gathering badges. I'm thinking about getting
Orb of the Soul-Eater, and combine it with Gavel of Unearthed Secrets from Lowwer City rep. It'd boost my damage quite a lot, and neither depends on drops. Considering how fickle instances and Kara are being, I don't think I should rely too much on them :)

Tonight I'm going to ding honored with Wintersaber Trainers and craft my
Frozen Shadoweave Robe finally. Yesterday I got the long awaited 375th skill point in Tailoring, so all I need now are some more primal waters and to scour the AH for a handful of netherweb spider spilk.

Tomorrow will be spent in bed, I think. Feels like I'm coming down with something :/ It's times like these you really wish 'Abolish Disease' worked in real life, too.


Gamer Mommy said...

Hiya! Just stumbled across your bloggy. Very nice :) Good luck with the kitty grind.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Thank you! :D