Thursday, November 29, 2007

037: More Horde affairs II

I'm going to continue writing about my adventures with my Undead buddies, because it's more interesting than me whining about how there's no raids cause everyone's having exams these days, or how boring farming for mats is, etc. Also, I'm going to start using proper names on some people cause by now there's simply too many Bears, Paladins and Warlocks to keep them apart.

(Randomly, if you can figure out why the font changes after the first image, I'll give you a cookie. I can't figure it out for the life of me and things like that really bug me :/)

It's Wednesday afternoon and I'm hanging out in Stormwind. Got nothing to do so I'm talking to Chiwi, the Warlock that adopted me a while ago, and Tammi, the female guild leader I mentioned recently. Tammi's DJing on vent, Chiwi's tapping his feet for his arena partners to log on and occasionally I alt-tab to surf a little. After about 45 minutes of relaxed idling, I finally hear what I'm waiting for: Stormwind City is under attack!

I hurry over to the flight path and sure enough: it's my favorite Undead Priest! No longer Holy, but as the Draenei say: Eh, details. I /greet and /hug and jump up and down, he /hugs and /loves and wants me to follow. I nod. We don't even make it down the FP ramp before two Rogues stunlock him and kill him.

There's an interlude where I sit by his corpse and wait for him to return, while wondering where exactly Horde pop up as ghosts after being killed in an Alliance capital. It can't be that graveyard by Goldshire cause they take way longer. Raven Hill possibly? No idea. Eventually he spawns, I /pat, we mount up and continue. Through the trade district, past the Stockades and into the Canal. He kills a couple guards offhandedly (and underwater) to get them off his back while I keep posting in /3 to say he means no harm and to leave him alone. Then it's through the Cathedral district and over the Canal to the Dwarven corner. He's got about fourteen guards after him by the time we hit the Tram portal and again he motions for me to follow. Again, I nod.

He says there are fewer rats in Undercity
Neas the Undead Priest and myself, waiting for the Tram.

On the other side of the Tram Tammi is waiting for us, wanting to know what Neas is up to. To my surprise, four other Hordies, a random lowbie Alliance and a guildie of Tammi's are waiting with her. It was like walking straight into an unexpected party.

Coming out into Ironforge, the raggedy band of Hordies attract quite a lot of attention so we all jump into the lava canals and speed through towards the Commons until they've all been murdered. Some Alliance are quicker than MC & druid healing, obviously.

Some quality Druid humping
Tammi takes the opportunity to do what
Druids do best on poor Neas' corpse.
(you're all perverts, I tell you!)

After some waiting they all respawn, and we make it to the open area in front of the bank and AH before they're dead again. Tammi squeals and points to the roof of the Armorsmith - it's Rhêa, the other Undead Holy Priest! We love Rhêa! Rhêa is probably even more commonly known among Alliance than Neas is - he's not just a ganker, he's the ganker. This guy spent more time on top of the Inn in Darkshire pre-BC than Alliance spent time in Ironforge. Now I'll admit I've killed both Neas and Rhêa before, and probably been killed by Rhêa a handful of times while leveling up in Duskwood, but that's all in the past.

Tammi is an exploit terrain champion just like the Horde crew and is up on the roof within a minute. I on the other hand, need a little more time. I /beg Rhêa to help me without realising I haven't got my PvP turned on, but eventually I manage to get up on my own.

Mmmm, high quality
We immediatly sit down for some casual discussion of the Dark Tower books.

The others soon respawn and it's time for them to celebrate what they came for, which I found out later: Neas had been banned on the official forums due to his obnoxious, spammy posts, but the ban had finally lifted and they'd all come to Ironforge to gank themselves silly in celebration. Not the most noble of purposes, but hey, don't I look cool up there with all the Undead? :)

My pet Horde, Lâncer, is unhappy and needs to be fed :(
Also, can't imagine why they think Neas and I are having an affair!

There was lots of Mind Control'ing going on to give them all Druid buffs and to help Rhêa heal them all up (the other Hordies kept jumping down to give the Alliance a fair game at killing them off - which they did over and over - then Rhêa would ress them back onto the roof), and there was at one point a little Priest coffeebreak too. I think I sat up on that roof with them for two hours, constantly being whispered by people who wanted me to kill all 5 of them on my own. Errr, no. Tammi and I were also called out in yells that we were Horde spies. No, we told them, we're not spying - just sleeping with the enemy!

Horde do it better, I tell you.


Joe said...

I want to be on this server. I love hanging out with the alliance. =(

evilplaidkitten said...

When Horde die in Stormwind (As I learned trying to raid it one night), we do die at the Goldshire but we're just incredibly slow at running back because we're not as adept at the area as you are.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

@Joe - Between raiding and grinding and farming, it's things like this that we need to break the monotony, I think. Personally I love it whenever Horde come to visit, no matter who it is!

@Evil - Ah, I see. These guys shouldn't have any trouble though, since they're more familiar with our capitols than we are ourselves! Rhêa's back in IF again right now, with 4 friends. I keep getting harassed for not killing them. Apparantly not wanting to PvP means I'm a noob :(

Julia said...

This sounds like so much fun. I want to be on your server and have Horde buddies too!

Trollin' said...

Yeah, back pre-BC I used to have a bunch of ally buddies in the tram that I'd meet up with on off-nights. =P It was fun.

((P.S. This is Joe, I'm settin' up a blog though, so my new nick took over. =P))

Pinne said...

That is just... so incredible funny. Lots a love for Horde. They can't possibly be worse than the nelfs.