Thursday, April 3, 2008

058: That pesky Kalecgos

We've killed him twice after the 2% wipe, but we haven't killed him right yet. So, no loot :/

The Kalecgos fight is a bit like Karazhan's Romulo & Julianne in that both the Demon inside and the Dragon outside have to die at the same time, with the added complexity that they're in two separate 'worlds' which you keep teleporting between. Additionally, the dragon in his half-elf form is inside the spectral realm with the demon and needs to be kept alive in order for the kill to count. Not the easiest of fights, in other words, but I'm quite pleased with that. Illidan is kind of ridiculously easy once you just get the positioning right, so this is nice. I always enjoyed the timing aspect of the Romulo & Julianne fight anyway.

More progress-wiping inc tonight!

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/emofire said...

I really want to try out that fight! The different dimensions thing seems to look really fun.