Monday, April 21, 2008

060: I've drowned in the Funwell

So tired these days once raid ends, no real time and energy for blogging even though I have lots of things I'd like to write about. Kalecgos is on farm, Brutallus is finally down after some heartbreaking 2% and 1% wipes, and we're now progress raiding Felmyst 5 hours a day.

It occured to us only tonight that the reason Mass Dispell seems to resist abnormally often is that it's not a shadow based spell, and the priest +spell hit talent only counts for shadow spells. Bugger. Will have to look into that and maybe set up a +spell hit gear to get over-capped just for this fight. And farm more Primal Manas for Cauldrons of Arcane Protection. And mats for Destro pots. And for Pure Death flasks. And Mana pots. And... and....


Trollin' said...

How often do you find yourself mana potting on progression fights? I've begun to find myself not needing them nearly as much as I used to. Are destro pots that good of an investment?

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Destro pots are 100% necessary on Brutallus for us, since we don't all have full t6 yet. He is a DPS check and you really really need every single point of damage on him in order to nail it. I'm technically not even supposed to be in the raid on him since I don't have 4set yet (which is such a dramatic dps increase on a long fight) but I was in for both the 2% and 1% wipes due to stuff. If we'd had a destro lock instead of me, we'd have gotten him down then. It's just plain necessary, at least at our gear level and with no warglaives.

I didn't touch a single manapot on Felmyst all night today, but that's mainly cause the priests spend a lot of time waiting for the correct time to mass dispell. We don't have the time to cast a lot really. On other progressions bosses I haven't potted much either... Kalecgos is such a mess when you're learning it that you don't get much damage out anyway until you're familiar with the portals, and Brutallus eats up your mana pot option with destro pots.

I did use a LOT on Illidan though, when we were progressing him. But hey, standing still and burning all you possibly can for 10 minutes straight will do that! ;)

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that you have really inspired me to become the greatest shadow priest i can. I have never really held any healing gear, shadow 1-70 and into raiding. I have had no problems with it except my dps being a little low but thats no problem. Any other dps class i end up being bored with so priest is for me. nothing is like a priest. Thank you for posting and blogging and i dont mind that if you dont have time for it but your progression as a raiding shadow priest keeps me from stopping and wishing i had more dps.

Thank you and keep up the good work.


Mana Battery Bitch said...

You're way too flattering Verolia, but I'm very happy that my blogging has encouraged someone else! Being a shadow priest you shouldn't really worry about your DPS output. We're not *meant* to top the damage meters, we're meant to provide decent DPS with bonus mana and health return :D That's what makes us so unique and so useful in end-game raids (and part of the reason it's so much fun to play).

If you want top-of-the-line DPS you bring a BM hunter or a mage. If you want someone that'll pump out a respectable amount of hurt at the same time as keeping their group constantly topped up on health and mana - you bring a shadow priest. And in doing so you also make 4 other mana-based raiders very very happy!

I expect you know most of this already, though ;) Just stick to it, the damage will escalate as you get upgrades!

Runycat said...

We had the same problem with dispel resists on Felmyst too. Ultimately, we ended up having to stack Holy Priests to do it, and that ended up working. Good luck though--Sunwell can be a total cockblock.