Sunday, April 6, 2008

059: Bummed

First in line for t6 chest but not invited to this week's Illidan raid. Of course three Priest/Paladin/Warlock chest tokens dropped, just to rub it in. Oh well, that's the way life goes sometimes I guess. :(

In happier news, Kalecgos is finally down.


DPSMewMew said...

How are you guys handling that loot? Sounds like you have a bit of a priority system going on now that you've moved on to Sunwell, and no more dkp?

Mana Battery Bitch said...

There's still DKP, but the tanks have prio on everything. When we killed Kalecgos for the second time we had 3 priest/pala/lock bracer tokens drop, but I wasn't high enough on Sunwekk DKP to get any of them. Since I still don't have 4piece set bonus I'm sitting out on all Brutallus attempts and that's killing my DKP :(

Anonymous said...

Bummer about not getting invited


I hope everything else is going well :) I've got some catching up to do in the wow-blog land. I'm back and playing again (told the story about that one today).