Monday, April 28, 2008

061: Life and times

Still no 4set. Like I mentioned 2 weeks ago, I sat out for 1 Illidan raid and of course 3x Conqueror tokens dropped. Then there was a change of tanks, or rather, the changing of a holy paladin to a tank, and last weeks only Conqueror token went to him on tank-prio. Now bosses are dropping Conqueror left and right (much to the amusement of our new straight-out-of-Karazhan imp-bish - more on that later) except for, of course, Illidan. The new rogues are happy, our new new Sherman is happy (we can't seem to hold on to enhancment Shamans & thus we are in a perpetual state of gearing a new one up) and all the offspec-hungry guildies are happy.

Me, not so much.


It wouldn't have been so bad if Illidan hadn't sent Sathrovarr a memo, but he did and now that pesky demon isn't dropping Conqueror either. It feels like back when we were progress raiding Illy and no weapon would drop for me. I guess this means I'll get my 4set once Felmyst is down or something. Maybe the Twins.

Spreaking of - that damned dragon isn't down yet. We banged our heads against Brutallus again this weekend after a shoddy Kalecgos-kill, but he refused to play nice for us. It's a big shame cause as of today we're on a week and a half's raidbreak to try and cure a guild-wide burnout. Most of the core raiders don't need loot from BT/Hyjal anymore. Even though we've stopped going to Hyjal completely, farming BT every Wednesday and then progress-wiping the rest of the week in Sunwell is draining everyone. Some are dodging raids, some are whining and some show up, shut up and just want to get it overwith. It happens. It happened before I joined too, when Kamuf prog-raided TK. They took a break back then too and once it was over they nailed a boss they'd not been able to get down before. Here's to hoping it'll have the same effect this time!

(And maybe there'll be more frequent blog-posts now that I'm not doing much until May 7th.)

I mentioned some new recruits. Since Illy went on farm we've had the obligatory 1-3 people fall off, either to xfers or quitting the game entirely. I'm pretty sure the officers knew it'd happen, it seems like this happens with all guilds that down the "final" boss. At any rate, after some recruiting we've picked up a new afl Warlock, a new enh Sherman (#5 I believe, here's to hoping this one lasts!) and two new Rogues. Nothing terribly interesting if it wasn't for what I previously mentioned - the Warlock is straight out of Karazhan. (If you were reading my blog back in December you'll remember that so was I when I first joined. Hell, I hadn't even killed Netherspite and Nightbane.) As such, his gear was obviously not the greatest.

Let's face it though, a guild like Kamuf can take a player in blues and greens and epic them out in BT/Hyjal in a matter of weeks. Skill, attitude and loyalty are much more valuable assets than gear when it comes to applicants. This guy? He knew he didn't stand a chance but he was bored, it was late at night and he decided he'd give it a go anyway just for the hell of it. He posted a long, well-written application to our forums that was soaked through with personality. He was funny. He wanted to raid. He was taken in and put on trial the next day.

After pretty much half the guild had crawled all over him, inspecting his gear, his gems, his enchants, his rep and told him exactly how tough a job he had ahead of him, he was brought along for the last BT clear before the raidbreak. Being naturally friendly and helpful to newbies (I've worked as an admin on a large message board for 7 years) I'd taken it upon myself to whisper him the tactics from a DPS point of view for each boss so that he'd be somewhat prepared. I must say he did remarkably well for someone who'd never set foot in the place before!

Then Mother dropped multiple Conqueror tokens (of course) and only one of the core raiders rolled on it for mainspec. The new Warlock rolled too, for the hell of it, even though he barely had any DKP. (He is a 'for the hell of it' kind of guy.) His voice on ventrilo when the raid leader offhandedly told him to pick up one of the tokens was a real treat. The poor thing had not expected to end up with tier 6 shoulders on his very first raid into Black Temple and was quite awed and surprised. The next day when we came back for Council and Illidan, he got himself some tier6 pants as well. I don't think there was a happier guy in all of Azeroth and Outland that day. :)


Trollin' said...

It was December that you joined Kamufasklfhnaeji? Whoa, time flies.

Now if only I could get the one's we have down to drop Conqueror like candy, and I'll be set. =P

Hope the break works out for all of you.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

As the great Kermit said: Time's fun when you're having flies! It certainly doesn't seem like 5 months to me, but you'll read why lateron...

You can have our Conqueror tokens, seriously. I'll be picking up offspec stuff soon at this rate -_- Imagine, offspec before you even get 4set for main!

Kristin said...

We're having the same problem right now. Can't kill Archimonde -- people get bored and leave. Or they get stressed because they keep getting cut from raids or told what they've done wrong. Our GM has been having what seems like a normal once a week freak out about dedication. More people leave because of it.

Our main tank is on vacation atm. He left Wednesday. We just had our first raid last night after three called ones. And we had to take in potential recruits to fill our last dps spots. Last night was the first low on dps, usually it's low on healers or tanks, but generally healers.

I feel like I might as well have been pulled straight from Kara into Hyjal. I did my recruitment run with the guild where we could roll for loot and picked up the Robe of Hateful Echoes and my t5 gloves (which suck), barely got picked for raids for the next month and a half, went to Vashj's second downing, went to a TK run because I wanted t5 shoulders bad (I was in gladiator's), the next day was just Kael and I wasn't gonna go just to wipe but a friend convinced me to sign up. GM pulls me and another mage who's not in the guild anymore into a party, asks us to roll to see who would go, I won, we somehow downed Kael within an hour and a half and went to Hyjal for fun that day. I haven't been cut from a raid since that day. I'm sure being only one of two consitant mages helps with that, but I'd like to think it has something to do with my dedication/playing style as well. :p

On the plus side, I picked up my bracers off of Shade of Akama last night.