Saturday, August 18, 2007

005: Belfs!

You know that chain quest in Shadowmoon Valley that ends with dressing in a disguise and killing some elite giants? Yeah, that one.

Directly after putting them on, Timo the paladin and I stood and stared at each other in dumstrucked awe, peeling off helmets so we could see better. After deciding belfs look good no matter what, we then danced for 12 minutes straight. Did the quest, then we proceeded to dance for another 15 minutes while discussing which server we're gonna roll belfs on, asap. He's gonna decide what mine looks like and I'll decide on his piece of eyecandy.

Damn. Just, damn! Belf males are fine.
And the women ain't so bad either.

Well. You know what the Draenei say. What happens in Shadowmoon Valley stays in Shadowmoon Valley...


Timo said...


Princess of Norway said...

You're a hot blood elf, bb ♥