Monday, August 13, 2007

002: Karazhan progress

This weeks homework for Karazhan:

We got him down, though. Eventually.

See, my guild (which is fantastic btw) has a rather unique method of doing things in raids. We copy the most basic of strategies/guides/info into the raid chat, then we storm forward, wipe spectacularly when the boss is down to 20-40% (but with Divine Intervention♥), ress, storm forwards again and kill the fucker(s). We call it learning by wiping. So far we've used this method on all bosses and the track record has been as follows:
Attumen & Midnight - 1st try
Moroes - 3rd try
Maiden of Virtue - 2nd try
Opera (Big Bad Wolf) - 2nd try
Opera (Romulo & Julianne) - 2nd try (one damn second too late on the first try! Argh!)
Curator - 2nd try (if you don't count the wipes from accidental pulls, the bloody thing has the aggro range of Azeroth to quote our sexy healer)

And then there's Shade of Aran. I think we brought him down on our 5th try, and that's counting the wipe where he got accidentally pulled because someone stood too close as we were prepping. 5th (or even 4th) try is just not up to our standard. Hence: homework.

Next time ol' Dad is going down on the first god damn try.

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