Thursday, August 16, 2007

004: WTB phat loot

Dear Karazhan,

pretty please drop some offensive caster toys instead of just healing items. True, my healing gear has never looked better, but I am in desperate need of upping my +dmg! So far we've had only two caster items - a mana regen trinket that I bowed out on in favor of the other mana battery and a very nice cloak that the mini-mage won. On the other side, I'm now carrying around both Masquerade Gown and Headdress of the High Potentate. I look smashing when I heal 5mans, but this isn't what I'd imagined upon entering you. And while at it, I'd love to up my +hit as well :[


Handwraps of Flowing Thought
Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran
Bands of Nefarious Deeds
Staff of Infinite Mysteries
Wicked Witch's Hat
Ritssyn's Lost Pendant

I'm especially wishing myself good luck on that last one, as it's a random drop from trash mobs ._.

Though currently we're on a break from Kara. As sad as it is to do so when we were on such a roll, school is starting for 90% of the guild and one of our healers bowed out of WoW altogether yesterday because the game had stopped being fun. We were already agreed on wanting to recruit another healer but now it's suddenly become a much more pressing need. We're not desperate yet - we downed Aran with only two healers after all - but we all know we're can't keep going forever without fresh blood coming in.

I've also been made an officer now, so guild concerns are my concerns. It was mostly on accident, I think - I'd been made guild leader temporarily to screencap various new tabard ideas. If you play a female character I'm sure you've noticed the importance of a female being the model: 90% of the icons look horrid over boobs. At any rate, after I'd done my stuff and given leader back, I was automatically degraded to 'officer' by the games mechanics, and... they just let me stay there. I didn't even notice myself until that pesky /officer channel started showing up during the next Kara run. When I spoke up in it people just laughed and said 'ohai'. Welcome to officer-dom, can you tell we're a very serious guild? That's exactly what I love about it though ♥

In all honesty though, my guildies needn't worry. I have my heart set on doing my best for this ragtag group of lunatics, because they make this game fun. So far, I may only be using my newfound power to randomly change the message of the day to my pleading for us to adopt a male belf (to be my naked-dance-slave), but that's another story...

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