Monday, August 13, 2007

003: Ignored players

Shammy: Right now I'm set on grinding to 70
Shammy: But I got so damn pissed off... this little gnome came and yoinked a feather I needed while I fought a wolf ON TOP OF the feather
Shammy: And when I went to ignore him... I ALREADY HAD!!!
Shammy: Which means that the fucker has annoyed me more than once
MBB: Ooooh
MBB: BUT look on the bright side!
Shammy: Hehe
MBB: All the time you've been gone since he last annoyed you, ALL THAT TIME
MBB: And he's still not high enough in level that he has done the quests you're on now
Shammy: True
MBB: And you've been gone a very long time!
Shammy: Almost depressing... for him *satisfied giggle*
MBB: It's all about how you view it
Shammy: Yep
Shammy: You're fucking good at being positive...
MBB: For everyone but myself! It's a gift.

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