Wednesday, August 22, 2007

006: What do you mean break? We'd just started!

I wonder how long this will take. Though it's not like I've been writing this blog for long :)

Things are rather quiet in Mana Battery land this week. We're on a forced break from raiding due to school starting. Also, our bear fessed up that he was sick of tanking and logged on his mage alt instead. Our top DPS, the warrior with the sword that can not be upgraded and habit of massacring Aldor bank guards for fun, is going to step in to fill the role. I know he really don't like tanking either though, so I've taken it upon myself to roll a druid. I obviously won't reach level 70 anytime soon, but I will eventually.

I have to admit, it's mostly a reaction to the massive lack of tanks that my realm is suffering under. I read the boards the other day and a fellow alliance summed it up very nicely. I can't find the thread again to get a direct quote, but this is aproximatly what he said: "Dentarg is 67% horde and 33% alliance. Of those 33, 1% are tanks, 5% are healers, and the rest are huntards." While I don't agree about the hunters, I'm with them about the healers and tanks. Dentargs LFG channel is full of 'tank for _____, last spot!' and 'LF1M tank to _______'.

Rolling a druid and playing her in the lower levels will at least allow me to feel as though I'm helping, as my offers to tank with my shadow priest were swiftly declined. Can't imagine why.


The Diet Coke of Evil said...

Thanx for the linking, will be linking you as well ^_^.

Annai said...

Thanks for the link to me, too! And the Curator comment. I'll add you ASAP.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

You both write excellent blogs :D

Kirk said...

I love the smell of irony in the morning...

The reason I went shadow for a while is that I spent a few weeks going "Healer Priest LFG any non-heroic outland" and listening to the crickets.

Kirk / Zingiber
priestly endeavors

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Hey Kirk! I've been reading your blog, but didn't really find anything to comment on until that quip on healers & tanks. You're far too knowledgable (or however you spell it, my native's not English) and I'd just make a fool out of myself, methinks. I'm very much not a theorycrafter, I mostly learn by trial and error :P But I read it!

Please feel free to take some of our DPS away, it would make our LFG channel happy.