Sunday, August 26, 2007

009: What's in a name

By the way, is it a problem that the blog name is Mana Battery Bitch? I'm European and over here nobody reacts to it much, but it struck me that work filters and such might be an issue and that, obviously, not everyone feels the same way. I've noticed the blog name gets censored when linked, and that people adress me as just ManaBattery, hence asking :P

In other news, the guild made a quickie Shattered Halls run (I'm still not Revered and we have a couple new 70s) after BM. You know that hallway with the fires? Guess who died because she stood just a fraction of an inch too close. And guess who then promptly died again when ressed. And then died yet again when ressed a second time! There was much laughter. The flames kept appearing exactly when I'd been ressed, for some reason. Third time was the charm though and I managed to stay alive for the rest of the instance, including when I resisted fear on the last boss -something which I do disturbingly frequently.

Actually, I've been meaning to ask about that... I know there are some
very knowledgable priests around and while not all of you are shadow, you'll at least be able to say whether it happens to you a lot or not. See, I am the Queen of resisting fear. I take aggro of course, since nobody else is around, and end up having to tank until the poor paladin is in control of himself again. This happens very often. I keep saying it's something like 90% but I'm sure it's not, it is however, disturbingly often. You know those Fel mobs in Shadow Labs that throw around fear like it was candy? I resist on average 6/8 on them. I've counted. Every time. And that just doesn't rhyme with the 15% resist to fear, stun and silence that I have in Unbreakable Will. Sure, it's on top of the standard Shadow Resist I'm toting around, but everyone in the part has that thanks to Prayer of Shadow Protection. Is there something I'm not aware of, or am I merely speshul?

On the other hand, I hardly ever resist stun or silence.


Timo said...

At least these particular fel mobs have a range in their fear, which is something like 10-15 feet. As a healer I rarely get the fear, which you probably have noticed since you tend to stay alive when encountering these mobs ;-)

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Hehe yeah, if it weren't for you I would have had some awe-imspiring repair bills, I'm sure :P

I could have been outside the range on some occasions with those mobs (it's hard to keep up sometimes) and thus not been affected at all, but I know to stay close so I have a chance to be feared and yet I still don't. Argh, oh well, as long as you're there to heal me while I tank! ♥

The Egotistical Priest said...

The name may offend some people who are trying to keep a PG-13 rating on their blogs. Obviously, not me, since I swear in my posts from time to time.

Personally, I shorten your name to ManaBattery because I'm lazy and tend to shorten everyone's name to something that's recognizable and uses fewer keystroke combos.

Also, with regards to the fear resist, Fear Ward ftw! I toss it on the tank and then if I resist it, at least I'm not the only one left alive. *grins* It was one of my justifications for taking the Unbreakable Will talent.


Annai said...

Your name doesn't automatically get censored. I'm not sure why I turned it into b***h when adding the link from my blog. Just felt like the right thing to do (for me). :)

Mera said...

nice to see someone on an EU server as well!

I wouldnt link, but I have no problems with bitch, altho i mayjust put MBB cos im lazy

Kirk said...

Like Ego, I'm lazy - thus the shortening of the name. (You'd see MB if it weren't for MindBlast.)

As to fear... I would guess it to be range, mainly, as Timo said. I think (think, not know) that there's a stepdown range for the Overseers in Shadow Lab, and that combined with the resist makes you special.

On the other hand... The three times I've run it with a warlock, the warlock had frequent resists as well. I was thinking it was her talents/gear, but it might be something to do with spec. I really do not know.

Zingiber - Undermine

Mana Battery Bitch said...

@Ego Well that's understandable, especially since I obviously call you Ego rather than the egotist-...etc. I was wondering though, mostly because I've met some easily offended people in my internet career and want to make sure rather than unknowingly offend someone.

@Annai That's cool too :) If it's ever a problem though, let me know.

@Mera Ooooh, which server?

@Kirk Perhaps it's not me (or you) that's special, but the Fel Overseer? Still doesn't explain why I resist other mobs and bosses too, though. Maybe I'll start keeping count one of these days on everything that can fear and see how it looks. Anyway, that's a project for another day.

Stephi said...

Hehe, the thought of swear filters amuses me...

I have to say, I notice myself resisting fears a lot as well, but since I'm usually way far away from the fear bomb... maybe it is a distance thing? ;D
Otherwise.... no idea. Maybe it's the Shadow in us all going "Haha, I Mine's bigger." Or the Light saying "Try again nooblet. Next time I might sqeak." ;)

Mana Battery Bitch said...

It's definitely something in the shadow priests, or priests in general, cause I've started standing on their toes now and I still resist! I don't really mind though and the healers & tanks in my guild all know about my talent by now ;P