Tuesday, November 6, 2007

026: Naxxaramas

Today I got myself attuned to Naxx. Dunno if we'll actually get enough people with us to go there but it's nice to simply be attuned. You never know when the chance will pop up, after all! Only two days ago I got dragged along for a random Ony run with a friends guild and ended up walking away alive and with the backpack I'd wanted.

Speaking of Naxxaramas, some guildies have been spamming these on our forums and I thought I'd share them for those of you who haven't heard them before:

/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ashbringer\\ASH_SPEAK_01.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ashbringer\\ASH_SPEAK_02.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ashbringer\\ASH_SPEAK_03.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ashbringer\\ASH_SPEAK_04.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ashbringer\\ASH_SPEAK_05.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ashbringer\\ASH_SPEAK_06.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ashbringer\\ASH_SPEAK_07.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ashbringer\\ASH_SPEAK_08.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ashbringer\\ASH_SPEAK_09.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ashbringer\\ASH_SPEAK_10.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ashbringer\\ASH_SPEAK_11.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ashbringer\\ASH_SPEAK_12.wav")

Copy these one at a time and paste them into the game. The Corrupted Ashbringer is a sword that drops from Mograine in Naxx I believe, and if you have it equipped it'll randomly whisper to you as you play. Quite creepy. Some of the coolest lore in the game too, in my opinion. If you have the sword equipped and enter Scarlet Monestary's Cathedral, all the Crusaders will be friendly and kneel to you. If you go all the way to Scarlet Commander Mograine (Junior), a scripted event takes place to reveal the story behind the corruption of the Scarlet Crusade and why Highlord Mograine (Senior) ended up as a Death Knight boss in Naxx.

However equipping it also makes you hated by the Argent Dawn faction.

Ashbringer isn't the only creepy whispering thing though:

/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\CThun\\CThunDeathIsClose.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\CThun\\CThunYouAreAlready.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\CThun\\CThunYouWillBetray.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\CThun\\CThunYouWillDIe.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\CThun\\CThunYourCourage.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\CThun\\CThunYourFriends.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\CThun\\YourHeartWill.wav")
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\CThun\\YouAreWeak.wav")

C'Thun whispers randomly to everyone in the raid inside AQ40, intending to break you before you've even reached him.

The list has hundreds and hundreds of sounds, so go have fun!


TJ said...

Hee, Naxx attunement. I never even got Ony attunement. I was such a pre-BC slacker.

evilplaidkitten laundro said...

Awesome, I just got myself attuned to BWL randomly last week because a former guildie who's obsessed with UBRS let us all run UBRS with him.

The boy is trying to get us into a higher raiding guild that does 25 man's.

On the plus side, I got Stormcaller as well as my T4 helm on Tuesday. Also, Spellstrike hood pattern over the weekend. So it's been a good week. Right now I'm waiting on our tank for Heroic SP -- need to get Boots of Blasphemy so that I can respec fire.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Oh, TJ, you're missing out! Onyxia is tons of fun :D

@Evil, I was wondering if you'd forgotten about my blog, so glad to see that's not the case ♥ Still need to get BWL attunement myself, but too busy with karazhan atm. Grats on your pattern!