Saturday, November 17, 2007

033: Horde in Stormwind

Not how I expected to spend my day.

On my server there's this crazy Undead holy Priest that stops by Ironforge and Stormwind almost daily. If you attack him he'll kill you, but if you don't... he'll mind control you and bring you up the mountain alongside Valley of Heroes. You get a fantastic view from up there!

This time he brought a Rogue with him for company. Unfortunatly once they'd managed to MC me all the way up to the top (I stink at exploiting terrain, obviously) the Priest jumped off and slowfalled, effectively missing out on the screenshot. More pics: one two three

(I'd wanted to remove the UI, but names and guilds no longer show up when I alt-z. Boo!)

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Ratshag said...

Everyone needs a hobby, I guess. No matters how strange.