Sunday, November 11, 2007

028: The non-WoW'er and you

I'm emergency backup for Karazhan this Sunday, and thus I felt I should warn my guest prehand just in case a crisis happens and they call me. She wanted to know what this Warcraft thing was. Highlights include:

MBB: A raid means that ten people from different parts of Europe all log on at the same time, and their characters are all in this castle, fighting together to kill bosses. These bosses are so hard you need ten people to manage it.
Alex: Okay. Not like Super Mario then.
MBB: No, not like Super Mario.

MBB: *explains briefly about there being lots of lore behind the game*
Alex: Oooh, you should get all the books and read it all.

Alex (looking at the newly purchased WoW 2008 calendar): So which one is you then?
MBB: Uhm, I don't see any humans here, it's all Orcs and Night Elves. Wtf. Oh, wait, that one's a human. I think. Mage, looks like.
Alex: Nice cleavage.
MBB: I should show you the female Orc on the loading screen, she's like Victoria Beckham. Completely flat chest with two footballs attatched.
Alex: Ooo, show me!

MBB: And this is my Rogue.
Alex: She looks like a human!
MBB: She is a human.
Alex: I didn't think you played any humans.
MBB: Actually the Priest and the Warlock are both humans too, they just wear so much gear you can't really tell.

Alex: OMG that one is so cute!
MBB: That's a gnome.
Alex: Why don't you play her?
MBB: She's just my bank.
Alex: But she's so cute! She's got pink hair!
MBB: She's a gnome.


Ratshag said...

"Completely flat chest with two footballs attatched."

This really baffled me, 'til I remembered you wacky Europeans (and Asians, and South Americans, and Central Americans, and Africans, and Australians) have very different notions of what a football is shaped like...

Julia said...

This gave me some great laughs.

Especially the super mario part. And the boobs part. And the human part. OK, all of it.

I found your blog via wowinsider's post a while back, and I really enjoy reading :) I have aspirations of leveling a shadow priest as well (after this rogue gets to 70 anyway...)

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Heh, ratshag, I could make a snide remark about (North) Americans always thinking they're the centre of the world, but I'll refrain ;) I could have said oranges, but they would've been too small for this particular comparison!

@Julia, I sincerely doubt you found me linked on wowinsider. I'd like to think I'd have known if that happened! You're gonna have so much fun playing a shadowpriest, promise. Stealth is nice and all but SW: Death and Mind Control are better toys!

Dammerung said...

Awesome post. I love it.

But yer a 'ooman? This is sad.

At least yer not a gnome. /shiver

Oh and its not North American's that are better than everyone. Although thats a common misconception. Its North American ORCS That are better than everyone.


Jonas said...

Ah! nothing like coming home from a SHITTY day at work, and read your blog :3 always cracks me up, sort of thing. Loves it!

Mana Battery Bitch said...

/target Dammerung
/throw paper cup
I wouldn't know the first thing about which Orcs rock and which don't but I'll take your word for it :P

/target Jonas
When are you logging on your 'Lock again, eh? Pinne and I will drag you through instances for sure ♥