Friday, November 23, 2007

035: Busy busy!

Been super busy lately and slacking with blogposts. I've started this course and it isn't that it's demanding a lot of my time and energy, it's the exact opposite. It's mind-numbingly boring and leaves me drained every day when I come home, even if it's still fairly early in the day. Also, I have a toothache and a week to go still before I can have it fixed. :/

In WoW-news, I was adopted by a batshit Warlock from the most progressed Alliance guild on the server the other day. We'd talked briefly a couple times, mainly just exchanging hellos, when one night he was bored enough to drag me through all the Ogrila prequests just so I could accompany him for the dailies. Needless to say my epic riding skill fund has benefited nicely! It's made me think about the social networking of WoW and how it really is important to have friends in the game outside your own guild. I can't count how many times I've wanted to do a heroic but haven't had enough people on, or I've wanted to grind something but no one else was interested in coming along. The more people you know the less likely you are to ever log off cause there was nothing to do but idle in Shattrah.

(I don't like to grind or quest on my own. I'm a clothie and a carebear and I stink at PvP - bodyguards are the way to go!)

After making friends with this insane Warlock though, I was invited to join his guilds vent for some daily heroic runs late at night. Now this is a guild with at least 3 females in it already, of which I think two talk frequently on vent. That didn't stop people from going 'WHO WAS THAT?!' as soon as I spoke and whispering the Warlock to find out more. Which is cool, I get that I was a stranger and all, but I doubt they'd have been terribly interested if my voice had been male. Later there were some whispers (that were copied to me by others) regarding my voice and what it sounded like. I'll spare you the details, heh. I thought of TJs posts (
here and here) about the girls that complain about the attention they get when they don't lift a finger to try and stop it. I actually did stop talking on their vent unless necessary and told my friends there why. While I didn't really care what people were saying, I don't want to feed that kind of stuff and find myself some day down the line caring about something else they said.

I find the whole hoopla over females on vent/in the game fascinating though. Like TJ said in her posts, it's not exactly a rarity. There are thousands of girls out there playing WoW - There are female guild leaders (I'm the GM of my guild and the GM of the guild I was on vent with is also female), female raid leaders, really awesome female PvPers, etc. It's not a new concept at all, so why is it still treated as a big deal by some? That said, and again TJ pointed this out as well, it doesn't happen often. I can only think of once in the previous 8 months or so (that it happened to me), so that plus the fact that they had other girls in the guild is probably why it threw me for a loop.

Anyway, I've been planning to post this here but it never seemed to fit:

Tieryn tanked Durn the Hungerer in Nagrand several weeks ago, with a Warlock for DPS and two healers. Now he's not exactly the toughest of elites but still people get bug-eyed when I mention that I tanked him as Shadow Priest. Face it people, anyone that can build and maintain decent aggro can tank elites and bosses with enough healers on them :)


Galoheart said...

Its always worth while to know and have as many friends outside your own guild if you have one. If you have a good reputation you become even a more valuable friend to thowse people also.

I'm a Tank. Some people hate pugs, i actually love to pug because its fun despite the ocassional minor bad pug. You meet great people in pugs often enough to become friends and people you run into over and over. Eventually you become great friends and it multiplies that many times over with new friends.

I solo'd wow to lvl 70. Much of my time at 70 running instance after instance it did it all guildless and geared up as best as one can for a tank pre-Kara. I made so many friends that at one point my friends list ran out of space. Thats a lot of friends. I can't log in without 10 sec of someone whispering me. Even though i'm now in a guild it makes no difference, i just pug as i did before and help out guildies as i can. Pays to be able to make friends outside your guild. You'll always have people to run instance with.

MeatShield said...

The more friends you have the more fun the game is. I have zero friends on my Gnome lock and gave up on her at 46. My Orc warrior on the other hand has tons of friends and am presently running Kara. It is because of friends that the game provides such an exorbitant amount of fun.

When it comes to the ladies in vent and WoW it seems more like a generational thing being broken. According to gamers girls don't play video games. I don't know where we go this, but we did....cause we are retarded. Meh, not really a difference running with someone of a different gender as long as they are fun to play with.