Thursday, November 15, 2007

031: Pet Hordelings

This post is for Doom.

Zul'Aman last night didn't go terribly well. That said, it went a lot better than I'd expected, so I guess we came out of it alright! The trash wasn't an issue except for that 4 (6) mob pull right before the first boss. Took a couple tries before the healers figured out that this was srs bsns and the DPSers woke up from their snorefest. The boss himself was unfortunatly too tough a cookie for us. We've only ever downed Prince once and never Nightbane or Netherspite so our gear isn't the best ever. We were doing a champion job at it though! Yours truly died many many many times (3rd in aggro all the time and no chance in hell to reach the reset point before he'd eaten my face) for the cause.

Our main issue is healing, being as how our main healer, the Healadin of previous posts fame, is on a mini-WoW break. His replacment is the sexy female Healadin (one of my best friends IRL) and while she's an awesome healer she was running around in half Shaman loot and half not that great Paladin loot. Once respawn hit us the first time we decided to close up shop and headed to karazhan instead. There, we proceeded to clear out Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Opera and Curator in 2 hours, effectively gearing up the sexy Healadin a little bit. It'll probably take some more work, but we'll get there. We had him down to 60% on our best try and I'm pretty confident that we'll pick him off without much trouble next time.

Boring boss and trash talk aside - Zul'Aman is pretty! I love the fact that it's outdoors and I got strong Zul'Gurub vibes when we first entered, even though I've only been in ZG a couple times before. Had a whole bunch of hex stick things drop btw, so half the raid are getting pet frogs soon. I didn't realise it was gonna be that common, but hey, as long as I get one of 'em!

In Winterspring news, I've been slightly sidetracked today. My goal was to clear 9k rep and I managed around 7500 when the Rogue and the Feral Druid came by to keep me company. By 'keeping me company' I mean 'distract me entirely from what I'm supposed to be doing'. Then this Hordeling Warlock showed up and we spent some time attacking him only to mind-control-heal him back to full health again and buffing him, then attacking him again. He repaid us by attacking the Druid. Bad move!

It was fun when he AFK'ed in the middle of the 3 of us though (we even set up a campfire), we were plotting to MC move him to an entirely different location for shtis and giggles when he suddenly logged out on us. Hordelings that don't want to play makes us sad pandas :(

We found another one AFK'ing outside Everlook, but after I'd MC moved him about 50 yards he came back to his computer, got scared and ran away. We were gonna bring him to Frostsaber Rock for a picnic damnit! :(

Sidenote: I run several addons and one of them - a hunter addon I'm guessing - shows the pet's name in red along with a sad face whenever the pet is unhappy and needs food. The creators haven't been able to make it tell mind control victims apart from pets though, so whenever I MC a Horde the addon warns me that they're unhappy and need to be fed. It's the most adorable thing ever.

Then the server shut down abruptly (probably fixing the Shaman loot, eh?) and there was no more Wintersaber Trainer rep (or Hordeling pets) for me.

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