Saturday, November 24, 2007

036: More Horde affairs I

The crazy Undead Priest came back for an Ironforge pow-wow! Unfortunatly not all the Alliance were as friendly, so I had to mind control him a couple times to save his life. There's a WoW movie being made on my server these days (parody of Lord of the Rings) that involve both Horde and Alliance and it's made by (among others) the standing Paladin in that screenshot. He's taken several trips to Orgrimmar to shoot scenes and the Undead Priest have MC'ed him in return to save him.


Dammerung said...

I've told my brothers and my wife about your awesome undead priest.

You saving his life is just plain cool. I'm absolutely certain now that once I get to 40 and am allowed to play an alt I'm rolling a troll priest. Simply because of these stories.



Oh and the story where you MC'd the poor sod and healed him up and then beat him down and healed him up again..... priceless.

Kestrel said...'re having an affair...with an undead priest? :O


Mana Battery Bitch said...

@Dammerung - It's one of the things I love the most about the game, seriously. It's such a nice break from the grinding, the raiding, the dailies and the guild-leading. It brightens my day so much when I get to hang out with the Horde :)

More stories about me and the Undead Priest are coming!

@Kestrel - Uhm, two of them actually /blush