Thursday, November 15, 2007

032: Winterspring Winterspring Winterspring

Was a rolling restart. Can't sleep. Have to quest more. 20 more turnins to go and I'm done. Exalted. Finished.

Things I will not miss about Winterspring:
* The Winterfall Runners
* Rak'Whatever, the rare purple kitty
* Grizzle the elite furbolg
* Princess Tempestria shouting at me
* Lvl 70 Hordies with nothing better to do than ganking in Winterspring
* Not having enough Shamans and being forced to wait for respawn
* The distance between Winterfall Village and Frostsaber Rock
* People stealing my mobs!

This grind has given me:
* More than 5 random blue world-drops
* 5-6 different Darkmoon Cards
* Enough Runecloth to cover all the walls in Stormwind
* An Orb of Deception
* Migraines

* Revered status with Timbermaw Hold
* Countless green items
* An obscene amoutn of Frostsaber Leatherworking recipes

With patch 2.3 I should be getting a 20% discount on the mount, right? What with being exalted with the faction? How much does the mount cost anyway? It always seemed so far off so I never actually checked. I still can't quite grasp that it's almost over. Whatever will I do now?

His name is gonna be Frost.

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Timo said...
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Timo said...

Huge achievement, your friendly neighbourhood healadin congratulates and is happy for you \o/

Doomilias said...

grats! you can name the mount?

Mana Battery Bitch said...

/tackles Timo
I'm sooooo happy you can't believe it :D I'm gonna bully you into signing on Sunday just so I can show him to you ♥

@Doom, nah not like you can Hunter's pets, but I name them in my ~*heart*~. I randomly named my Snow Gryphon Alphonso one day and figured this one deserved a name too.
/sappy sentimental

Kestrel said...

Congrats!!! A mighty fine looking mount! I'd love to have one to go with my cat (same color), but I can't even get my dailies done for Skyguard, much less grind for weeks in Winterspring.